about footprint

At Footprint, we are obsessed with space saving design. Living in the Greater Toronto Area the team has seen firsthand how rising real estate prices, a booming condo market, and a consumer desire to “live more with less” is impacting the way we look and feel about the spaces where we live, work, and rest. 

Footprint — design that transforms — provides custom, eco-friendly, space-saving solutions for people looking to reduce their footprint and not compromise anything in the process.

boost your use

With the current cost of real estate in Toronto hovering around $1000 / sq. ft., the decision to occupy a smaller footprint means a smaller mortgage, lower taxes, and reduced utility bills. It also provides the opportunity to make your space your own — a space that quickly and easily transforms to fit the needs of you and your family. 

In recent years, the way we use our living space has changed dramatically. Many families no longer require the use of a formal dining room, or they find that a dedicated guest room is needed only 4 times a year. With creative design, however, it is possible for each room to transform and perform multiple functions (i.e. a craft room becomes a guest room, a master bedroom transforms into a home office during the day). This creativity and flexibility can yield significant savings while also allowing us to reduce our footprint.

the case for using less space

  • Substantial financial savings
  • Lower taxes and heating/cooling bills
  • Fewer building materials

our values

  • Every solution we create is custom
  • We use the highest quality hardware and materials
  • Canadian Made — our products are locally crafted in Toronto
  • We import premium patented bed hardware from a market leader in Italy
  • We only use green and environmentally sustainable products
  • As a company, we strive to maintain a small corporate footprint

why footprint? 

  • Locally made and proudly Canadian   
  • Custom built to order
  • Optional deep cabinetry allows for up to a 16 inch mattress and full closet depth storage
  • Internal wall bed shelving with USB and 120v power
  • Premium Italian wall bed hardware meant for everyday use with limited lifetime warranty
  • Wide selection of wall bed configurations — horizontal/vertical, plus options for shelving, desk, and sofa
  • Wide selection of 80+ panel options and endless custom paint options
  • Creative print and decorative pattern options
  • Deep cabinetry can be used as a self standing divider-perfect for lofts
  • In-house design team services available


traditional Raised panel, wood framed doors, finished with crown molding, custom painted finish with unlimited colour selection.

contemporaryEuropean-style flat cabinet doors, premium panelling, sleek and sophisticated look.

naturalist - European-style flat cabinet doors, plywood made from Canadian hardwood (maple or birch), manufactured with soy-based glues, chemical free, natural oil finish.


  • Our approach is “quick custom,” so everything can be made in a timely manner to suit you and your space. Architectural panelling options. Custom paint. Commercial print capability to transpose patterns onto doors/panels. Vast selection of panel (80 choices in stock). Virtually infinite choice of paint colour.
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